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Every child deserves an opportunity to realize his dreams and hopes

Paving together an equal opportunity for children from disadvantaged

The opportunities of a child in Israel and the chances of his success in the future Depends on the address where he was born

The chance of those who come from established clusters to start studying for a bachelor's degree by the age of 30 is 4 times higher than that of those who come from low clusters

At the age of 3, a child from a strong socio-economic background has twice the vocabulary of a child from a weak background

Parents in the top quintile spend 9 times more than in the bottom quintile on preschool classes and private lessons for children


Maslulim in numbers

The Maslulim Association works to create equal opportunity, reduce social gaps and increase the social leadership of children and teenagers growing up in the social periphery in Israel.

We work together with local education, welfare and community authorities, in order to empower children living in underprivileged neighborhoods and create a sustainable change in their lives.

Pathways program is based on an ecological model that observes the child as surrounded and influenced by his environment (family-educational system-community).

Hundreds of children across the country participate in the various projects we run.

and continue to grow

About 1,500 children

About 250 volunteers

About 10,000 hours of work with the children per year

About 5 hours a week in the learning centers with each child

About 8 neighborhoods across the country


ילדים אשר גדלים בשכונות מוחלשות מתקשים לעיתים קרובות חווים קשיים לימודיים, רגשיים או סביבתיים, מצב היוצר פערים המעמיקים מידי שנה והקושי בהשלמת הפערים הולך וגדל

  • קיים קושי ברכישת מיומנויות בסיסיות לאחר כיתה א׳

  • למשפחותיהם אין משאבים ונגישות לשיעורי עזר

  • ללא תמיכה - הילדים יתקשו לממש את הפוטנציאל הטמון בהם

מרכזי צמיחה לימודית
תוכניות לגיל הרך

Association activity

A pathway ("Maslul") for every child - the working model of pathways is individual and personal and at the same time, we build a holistic envelope of services around the children while referring to the unique needs and challenges and the environments that surround them and the sequence between them: the home, the education system and the neighborhood/community. All of this in order to give the child the best envelope with the understanding that all the environments in which the child is and especially those closest to him affect his development, well-being and success.

Since 2019, the association has been operating in 7 underprivileged neighborhoods in the cities of Bat-Yam, Or-Yehuda and Hadra and in the coming year we will expand to perishing cities and neighborhoods.

As part of the Maslulim program, we operate, among other things, learning and enrichment centers to prevent and reduce educational gaps, a program to prevent and reduce oral gaps in early childhood (within day care centers, kindergartens), summer camps, projects for first grade, workshops for mothers on maternity leave, and more.

The main goals of Maslulim:

· Increasing social mobility of children and teenagers in the periphery.

· Reducing the number of children and teenagers at risk in the social and geographic periphery.

· A connection between torturers and services in the community to produce a positive and sustainable change in the children's lives.

תכניות לגיל הרך 2.jpg
הכנה לכיתה א'

A, 5th grade is a very smart boy who finds it hard to concentrate and it affects him. About a month ago, one evening,
A calls me and tells me that he got grades around 90 in all subjects!
During the conversation he says to me: "Thank you, everything is thanks to you"
I admit that I shed a tear

What our partners say

The children are charming, creative and very smart. They just need people to believe in them and be there for them

The most exciting moment I had, the two children I tutor came together and asked me for specific help with a test they don't understand at school and are ashamed to ask for help with in class. It really warmed the heart to see that mentoring is a safe place for them to bring all the difficulties and work on them

Real change starts with education. When I saw the magnitude of the change that the association was creating, it was clear to me that I had to take part and contribute to the association. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to influence and help children realize their potential!

Every boy and girl deserves the opportunity - and together we can make it possible for them

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